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cheap-cialis2Mankind has been always seeking for some magic substance that will make man’s potency better. In 2003 scientists invented the best for today drug fighting with erectile dysfunction – Cialis. Suffering from this man’s problem or simply wishing to get new sensations in sex, you can buy Cialis online cheap. One 20 mg pill taken the day you plan having sex, and your partner will thank you for the wonderful night filled with passion.

How to buy this drug

Picking Cialis for treating erectile dysfunction, you can visit your physician. It is the first but not the best way of getting these helpful pills. However, many men feel confused to tell anybody, even their doctor about their erection problems. Moreover, when you come to a pharmacy with a prescription, more people will learn about your problem. Each man, even a confident person will agree he hates buying certain medicines in a drug-store. Moreover, pharmacies that pay for renting the room or the whole building, initially sell medicines for the higher price. It is natural – they should cover the expenses for rent, electricity, water, etc. Buying Cialis in a usual drugstore, you always overpay. No one likes it. The other and the best way to go it is to order cheap Cialis online.

Cialis dosage

cheap-cialis1Initially, Cialis was invented to be taken once a day you plan sexual contact. “Traditional” dosage of the drug is 20 mg which are one pill. Doctors do not recommend making this dosage higher for many reasons. The first one is overloading heart and kidneys. The another reason is the efficiency of the drug. One pill of it will be enough to be ready for sex for 36 hours. Taking the second pill here becomes useless! The effect will still last these 36 hours. Meanwhile, recent investigations and many tests of Cialis have shown: this drug can treat impotence! Taking small doses of Cialis daily, a man can forget about erectile dysfunction forever. Thus, some online pharmacies deal with 5 mg Cialis pills. You can ask if a 20 mg pill can be divided into four parts and taken as medical specialists recommend. It is never recommended, as, damaging the pill, you reduce its activity.

Save money and stay anonymous

cheap-cialisWhen ordering cheap Cialis in online pharmacy, you stay anonymous, and no one knows about your problem. Just add the needed quantity of the drug to your shopping basket and make your order. In several days your Cialis will come to your mailbox. The greatest advantage of shopping for these pills online is saving money. Online pharmacy deals with the same medicines but for the smaller price. If you take these pills for a long period, your savings will be sufficient.

Getting Cialis from online pharmacy do not forget reading its instructions. Follow them carefully and never take more pills that it is recommended. Read about the side effect of the pills and study contraindications. Remember, that men younger than 18 must not take Cialis. Those, who suffer from serious heart and kidneys diseases, should also stay away from this drug. Persons with allergies must consult their physician before taking a decision to use Cialis against erectile dysfunction.